Diplomatic mission of Sierra Leone in Germany

The Bavarian honorary consulate is one of three Sierra Leonean Honorary Consulates in Germany. Further missions exist in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse.


The authority on top of the Honorary Consulates is the Embassy in Berlin as superordinated diplomatic mission.

Embassy in Berlin

The Embassy is under the direction of the ambassodor extra-ordinary and plenipotentiary S.E. Jongopie Siaka Stevens.

Honorary consulate in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Wuerttemberg's Honorary Consulate is under the direction of honorary consul Willi Drechsler.

Honorary consulate in Hessen

Hesse's honorary consulate is under the direction of honorary consul  honorary general consul Walther M. Bessler.

  • phone: +49 6109 332 77